Do you want to improve yourselves and make your physical condition better? There are some fitness centres, which you can find in Ostrava.

FIT PARK –  New fitness centre in Ostrava. It includes large cardio-zone, gym, spinning, badminton, group lessons (jumping, fitbox, piloxing, yoga…) and super athletic zone with tracks.

Sportovní centrum FAJNE (Ostrava – Poruba) – Sport centre with plenty of possibilities. There are 6 badminton and 6 squash courts, of course well equipped gym and 3 sports halls. This sport centre offers lessons of zumba, poweryoga, spinning, bosu, pilates etc.

Performance Power Center (Ostrava – Přívoz) – This centre is especially fitted for weight training. It offers zones for gymnastic training, crosstraining, strongman training, training for weightlifters, training for body builders and for athlets too.