Stodolní Street

…never ending party

The main bar & club attraction in Ostrava is Stodolní Street that it never sleeps and if you visit this street, you certainly won’t be getting any sleep either. This legendary street in Ostrava is packed full of clubs and pubs, in which you can dance and drink the night away. But things are also busy right on the street itself, where your taste buds will be enticed by burgers, kebabs, grilled meat and other tasty treats. Work hard, play hard in a region of former miners.

Get to know the most famous street in Ostrava, which has even provided inspiration for a musical of the same name. Best days full of dancing people are: Friday and Saturday.

The area around Stodolní Street has recently become a new phenomenon in Ostrava. Fifteen years ago, Stodolní Street was known as a place, which suffered from many negative attributes of an industrial metropolis. Nowadays, it is definitely the most drawing and frolic place in Ostrava. In the last research this fact was confirmed by Ostrava citizens. There are more than 70 clubs and pubs around Stodolní Street. Different atmosphere, style and kind of music in the pubs make Stodolní Street really special. People can choose music from the early 60´s up today. House, disco, techno and hip-hop music – everybody can find their “cup of tea.” Stodolní Street is a very popular place visited by thousands of people every weekend.

Included in the 70 clubs and bars are a couple of Irish bars and a couple with English sounding names, namely: Bernie´s Traditional Irish Pub (not Slaven), Black Horse Irish Pub, Flintstone´s Pub & The Sherlock Holmes.