Learn about the individual processes of brewing beer, objects concerning brewing. Everybody knows that beer is the Czech national drink – and here in Ostrava you can see how this amber nectar is made. An expert guide will tell you all about the history and technology of brewing. And of course, no visit to the museum would be complete without a tasting session after the tour – a perfect way to sample the genuine flavour of Ostrava!

The first beer was draught in Ostravar in the spring of 1898. The brewery premises were built from typical red brick, combined with plaster surfaces.


Monday – Wednesday / all year round for advance bookings
April – June and September – March without advance booking (the first Thursday of every month)


60 CZK adults, 30 CZK children, students, armed forces, pensioners.
Minimum number of visitors per tour 10

 Ostrava City Museum

This museum is situated in Ostrava’s beautiful old city hall on the central square – a building dating from the 16th century. Every hour the 22 bells in the clock tower play a distinctive tune that rings out over the city streets. The museum has a range of fascinating exhibitions on Ostrava’s history, people and landscapes. You will find it at Masaryk Square, Nr.20.


Monday – Sunday (all year round)

This museum contains a unique collection of rare toys from over 60 countries – with some dating from the mid-19th century. Musem is located in Laso Shopping Mall, City centre (2nd floor). Tickets are about 3Euros and family ticket is about 8Euro.


All year round
Mon – Fri: 9:00-19:00
Sat: 9:00-13:00

 Ostrava Science and Technology Center 

Ostrava’s Science and Technology Center is a fun and interactive attraction where visitors can learn all about the fascinating world of technical progress. Highlights include simulators where visitors can drive a train, fly a plane, or experience being a steelworker, an astronaut, or even Captain Nemo – helping people of all ages understand the complex principles of science in an entertaining and accessible way. The Science and Technology Center is divided into two parts: the Small World of Technology, and the Large World of Technology (14 000 m2), where visitors can explore four different “worlds” in one building.

LandekPark Mining Museum

At this fascinating museum you can take a tour of the former Anselm coal mine with a guide who used to be a miner there. The tour includes a descent into a simulated mine tunnel – giving a real sense of the noise and atmosphere of a working colliery. There is also a restaurant where you can sample authentic miners’ specialties. A perfect way to immerse yourself in the rich culture of this proud profession.

Miniuni World of Miniatures

The Miniuni World of Miniatures is a unique attraction at the Black Meadow (Černá Louka) exhibition center, including miniature versions of some of the world’s most famous buildings. Who could resist travelling around the whole world in just one afternoon? Pose for photos next to Ostrava’s very own Pyramids, Eiffel Tower, or Big Ben.


Established in 1997 after transformation from the original Technical Museum Tatra. A non-profit, generally beneficial company has been founded by two partners: the town of Kopřivnice and joint stock company Tatra.

TATRA MUSEUM: We are here to protect and take care of the history that has been entrusted to us by many generations before us.

For the mankind the history means the same as a car does today for a modern society. They represent pillars without which we would not be able to do without from a long-term point of view. These two terms are inherently mutually connected with each other wheras the result of their unification gives rise to the term “car history”.

The car history is a relativelly young term, by the way, first reliable mentions of ancestors of today’s motorized transport means date back to the 19th century. The old continent – Europe had almost a privileged position at industry origin. Not otherwise was it at car industry origin. 

Let’ s uncover the secret mask covering the beginnings of transport means production in Czech lands (subsequently the then Austria-Hungary and later Czechoslovakia). A world-recognized phenomenon – TATRA car company was founded during several decades from a small workshop in Kopřivnice where Ignác Šustala began constructing coaches, sledges and traps. 

The most comprehensive collection dedicated to the documentation of historic development of the above-mentioned company has its place in Kopřivnice as well. In representation premises opened on October 3, 1997 nonspecialists as well as professional  public may experience a fascinating reflection of times in which the Kopřivnice car factory managed to reach – with the help of pioneering methods – to the tops of technical development of motor vehicles.

The exhibited cars themselves but also their parts (including unique air-cooled engines) enable to perceive time-unconventional ideas and which became a principle of local designers. The exhibition is supplemented by 7 audiovisual boxes that provide comprehensive additional information in form of videoclips, exhibited models, constructers’ car designs, trophies from many sports events and photographies commemorating other out of many products that have not been preserved until present time. The listing of exhibits is completed with the biggest of them, a representative of Tatra railway production, express motor wagon also known as “Slovenská strela”. The total museum area incl. renovation workshops is 4.921 square meters.

At present time there are four various exhibitions offered to you: Technical Museum TatraLašské (Lachian) MuseumFojtství (Reeve´s House) Museum and Exhibition of Emil and Dana Zátopeks.


Available: tuesday – sunday 9:00 – 17:00