Beskydy Mountains are situated near Frydek-Mistek (about 20km from Ostrava). Beskydy are the most extensive range in the West Carpathians mountains on Czech side. The highest peak of these mountains in is Lysa hora with its 1324 meters above sea. Other well-known hills are Radhost with many legends place and famous statue Radegast, Smrk (1276m), etc. Accessing of the Beskydy mountains for tourists had caused a large development of recreation property. There are many popular holiday resorts for both winter and summer activities.


One of most famous castle complex in Czech Republic is not so far from Ostrava (about 20km by bus). Hukvaldy is a place for tourism and relaxation. After removal of flats and offices to settlement around the castle Hukvaldy became ruins. It is a historical place not only because of ruins, but it is also known by opera composer Leos Janacek. On the way to the castle through deer-park you can see a fox statue that symbolizes opera Liska Bystrouska composed by Leos Janacek.